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It's also possible that my personal definition of porn differs from your personal definition.

My I-know-it-when-I-see-it barometer went wild when I checked out a Tumblr titled, ironically enough, "Not Porn." It features zero close-ups of genital penetration, but I'm going to go ahead and call it porn for our purposes because I guarantee that people masturbate to it.

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Boy names climbing the popularity list fastest include Caspian (as in the sea), Otter (as in the animal), and Nova (as in the star).

Yahoo's purchase of Tumblr has some devotees worried that what they love most about the micro-blogging platform -- the GIF porn, obvs -- will disappear.

Tech Crunch calculated that more than 10 percent of the service's most popular 200,000 sub-domains feature Yahoo-unfriendly adult material.

For 2019, we see more unique baby names for boys and girls rising to the top of the list, along with classic names and vintage names back in style.

The list of popular baby names has been changing more in recent years than ever before.

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