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Dating includes any social activity in which two people focus romantic interest on each other.It can take place in a group or in private, in the open or in secret, and in person, over the phone, or by text message."While most men are happy to pay on the first date, many are wary of dating a woman who never pulls out her purse.

If he calls you on Thursday to see if you want to grab a post-work drink, why would you say no?

People are just testing the water with their first emails.

So you need to find a way to stay on her mind, be special to her, and rise above the crowd in her life.

Besides, most men want a girl who can just hang out and be casual.""A lot of women tend to have height, eye and hair requirements, which keeps them out of relationships with great guys.

It's fine to have a type,' but I think women should be more open," says 32-year-old George."If we've been on only five or so dates, we're dating," says Tony, 31.

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