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It is a rapidly growing trend that is by no means restricted to these 3 countries, and even in some Asian countries like Malaysia, CSR reporting is mandatory for all public listed companies.

Over 27 billion Tetra Pak cartons were recycled worldwide during 2009.It has an engaged approach and has made voluntary commitment to the European Union to combat illegal logging.The company is making continuous efforts to develop more sustainable models of consumption and production.Conviction leads to commitment, which in turn spells the success of the ‘business case’ for CSR.This article, while not a case study per se, examines how one company in Pakistan is driven by such a commitment and is undertaking a project that aims at significantly reducing its environmental footprint, while paying back into the company directly.Considerable thought and planning went into deriving the methodology for this study.The first step was to comprehend the situation and collect data.The ‘business case’ for CSR is a leading topic of discussion within the larger CSR debate, all over the world.It is encouraging to note that several companies in various different countries have moved well beyond discussion, into planning and implementing strategies to embed CSR into business operations.After consumption, these cartons are collected and delivered to paper mills.Fiber and poly aluminum are separated and then recovered fiber is used to make printing paper, paper bags, tissue paper, liner-board for corrugated boxes and other similar products.

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