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Despite various attempts to shut them down, platforms spreading lewd content involving Singaporeans can always be found if you look at the right places.

While these platforms are typically used for non-nefarious purposes, the likes of Instagram, Whats App and even Google Drive can be utilised to circulate illegal content — including child pornography.

With Tumblr out of the picture, the glut of local smut has since migrated to Telegram chats, which are well able to host tens of thousands of users in a single private group.

The anonymity ensured by Telegram (you don’t have to make your phone number visible) furthers the popularity of these private spaces.

Members can simply hide behind handles and pseudonyms to lurk or even contribute pornographic materials involving young Singaporean women — most of which are shared without the ladies’ permission.

Nudes of young Malay women were even turned into custom Telegram sticker packs.Public fingering can be either a form of foreplay, or you could go ahead and have an orgasm right there (or hey, why not both? Or maybe you don’t want to have public sex yourself, but you find reading about it to be really hot.Not all fantasies have to become a reality, after all.Whether you’re looking for inspiration, arousal, or are just curious, we hope you enjoy these public fingering stories from Reddit.On Friday, a series of cryptic posts began to appear on r/pan, a Reddit community that seemed to materialize out of nowhere.In other cases, members circulated photos of various clothed women — screenshots of their Instagram pages or grabbed from their social media profiles.One member shared some pictures he surreptitiously took of women on the MRT.You are the stupidest ever person to let your BF/GF take SEXUAL VIDEOS to be leaked out all over the social media platform not just telegram STUPID! As for SG nasi lemak, the ladies are not aware of their picture being used for y'all sicko to jerk off.” Speaking to Asia One, an anonymous member of SG Nasi Lemak expressed her disdain over the pornographic content, maintaining that she visited the group only to purchase vaping juices needed for her Juul e-cigarette. Eiy09R9Pe— xxx (@_nadyyah_) October 1, 2019 Since then, SG Nasi Lemak is no longer available on Telegram, though it’s unclear if the Singapore Police Force played any role in it.One of the group’s administrators disregarded any responsibility about the photos and videos in a dismissive post that puts the blame on the victims instead. Some men are pigs.— Dee Kosh (@The Dee Kosh) September 30, 2019Goddamn my ex and some of my friends are in the SG Nasi Lemak tele eeeeee when I saw the gc name on his phone back then I legit thought it was about food reviews or some shit knn disgusting men— Asyran Nabilah (@purplekittensxx) September 30, 2019There is a difference between this two.“…you are the one to blame for sharing on social media platforms. As for porn, both ladies and the gentlemen agree on showing their bodies worldwide and are fully aware that guys will jerk.

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