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Any discussion of dating begins with an exploration of the reasons why people date.For many people, dating is a serious commitment between two emotionally connected partners that ultimately leads to marriage.Dating has traditionally been the social custom for two people to form a monogamous intimate relationship based on mutual attraction as a prerequisite for marriage, if desired.Sometimes called courtship, dating comprises a variety behaviors and activities that strengthens the bond between the couple and fosters emotional and often sexual fulfillment.Consequently, daters could now engage in sex more freely.To understand the motivations behind dating, it is important to explore who dates.

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Studies have shown the men and women choose partners based on different criteria.

Relationships are characterized by emotional bonding based on each partner's material perceptions of each other.

Budding sexuality combined with emotion, and often peer pressure, leads frequently to experimentation and even sexual intercourse.

For high school-age people, dating is usually part of the socialization process that accompanies adolescence and sexual maturation.

The motivations for high school-aged people to date are largely exploratory.

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