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please beware of this user I been with Tagged since 2012 and since 2017 the site is changed and overrun by girls who looking to sell their nudes, escorts, or anyone who they can ask for money.Ever since places like backpage and craiglist closed its now overrun by girls who trying to sell their p***y.I only met one good person there and its actually very rare now.Site is also full of scammers and catfish, which I don't believe they regulate their site in a long time.Profiles of scammers are not being removed while good and nice people are being removed.Stay away from ts the only way to make them suffer!He will play you and make you believe he wants marriage but really all he wants is ass I was setup account last week, I always real person photo & real information about my life, I tried get new real girlfriend in UK area but they too many scammers & fake profiles that stolen pictures from owner websites & some porn sites.

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The PET game is flawed; it has about 400 members that are obsessive about being at the top.... Moreover, TAGGED rules benifit the crazy people and the war...

Fake, scam site trying to solicit money from you without providing ANY free services. I been in tagged since 2002, meet a few guys and dating..

everything goes well until recently came across a guy as Zack Keffer, US Army. But after couple of month later, he starts asking me for money...

Don't waste your time on this site, it's full of morons, liars, scammers and fake profiles.

i have two profiles from 20 and i must admit on both profiles i have no problems i met someone on my first profile now over 10 yrs ago and am still with him we have our ups and downs but thats in any relationship the way it goes there were a couple of bad apples along the way but thats what the block button is for so to anyone who has problems make your profile private so noone can find out that way youll have no problems at all i love my tagged and have a lovely set of friends there so ill be staying for a while lol only one bad point is if tagged is listening can i have my music player repaired please lol I meet this man after 12mths of conversation via site and Whats App he is 24/25yrs old lives in holland im 15yrs old gay he knew that i liked him and i think he liked me we had sex 3 times and i never saw him again.

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