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The source IP addresses collected can even provide pinpoint street locations for attacks.

The attack methodology deployed in this instance was not released, but it would be fair to assume that it leveraged a kind of SQL Injection attack or similar, where the information is wormed out of the back-end database through a flaw in the webserver.

Interestingly enough, one of the more detailed points of the research found that 92 percent of the people in Denmark are members of some sort of group, ranging from sports to cultural interests.

To avoid loneliness, we must seek active social lives, maintain friendships, and enjoy stable relationships.

– Murray and Peacock 1996 The Grant Study at Harvard has followed a group of men for their entire lives. And then ask them if there’s anyone you should meet. But personal discussions are also what leads to close friends.

The guy who led the study for a few decades, George Vaillant, was asked, “What have you learned from the Grant Study men? Next time you get together, see if that new person can come along. Via Click: The Magic of Instant Connections: you are putting yourself at emotional, psychological, or physical risk.

Spear phishing becomes a lot easier when attackers not only have an email address, but also location, language, and race.

That is, if Adult Friend Finder were using a solution that provided visibility into network traffic.

Ziften ZFlow™ enables network visibility into the cloud to catch aberrant data transfers and attribute to specific executing processes.

When people are dying, what do they regret the most? Studies show being likable can be as easy as listening to people and asking them to tell you more.

Back in 1985, only 10 percent indicated that they had zero confidants. One out of every four of us is walking around with no one to share our lives with. So let’s see just how critical friends can be — and the scientifically backed ways to get more of them in your life…

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